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"First published in Water Science the newsletter of the RSC Water Science Forum"


The WSF was delighted to support this event with awards for the best student oral presentation, best student poster and best runner up student poster.

The winner of the best oral presentation was Cornelius Brombach from the University of Aberdeen who present his research “New Speciation Method for Mercury in Water and Biological Samples by Selective Pre-concentration and Subsequent Analysis via HPLC-CV-AFS”.

After receiving the award Cornelius said:

"My research wouldn't be possible without the support of my supervisors W.T. Corns, B. Chen, E. Krupp and J. Feldmann. A special "Thank you" to them. I want to say a huge "Thank you" to the WSF of the Royal Society of Chemistry for donating the award. Winning the award is a nice acknowledgement of my research and I am grateful for it".


corneliusPhoto ack. by Helen Keenan


peterPhoto ack. by Helen Keenan


"Professor Peter Stockwell of P S Analytical received the “Industry  Award” at the end of the event. This is a very successful UK analytical Instrumentation company founded in 1983, providing excellent customer service and back up that, so far, has avoided being swallowed up by very large competitor acquisitive companies."



N670P300 - Series direct drive probe
PSA10.820- Modular interface (MI)
M055M010 - Hydrogen controller for Millennium Excalibur systems
S547A100 - Series stainless steel enclosure for 10.547 offline sampling systems
PSA10.540 - Series sampling systems for Hg in hydrocarbon gases
PSA10.640 - Primary pressure reduction
S540K050 - Membrane separator kit (low pressure)
G525T400 - Trap cleaner - stand alone amasil gold trap cleaning and conditioning module
PSA 20.630 - LPG vaporisation sampling system
PSA 10.642 - Series primary pressure reduction with bypass


APP133 - Determination of selenium in sulphuric acid using hydride generation atomic fluorescence spectrometry (HG-AFS)
APP134 - Determination of mercury in propylene
APP135 - Determination of airborne mercury for occupational exposure within the oil and gas industry using hydrar samling tubes with CV-AFS
APP136 - Online determination of mercury in FGD wastewater
APP137 - Determination of total arsenic in wastewater from an oil and gas refinery by hydride generation atomic fluorescence spectrometry (HG-AFS)
APP138 - Online determination of arsenic in drinking water
APP139 - Online determination of arsenic in FGD wastewater
APP140 - Online determination of arsenic in FGD wastewater from and oil and gas refinery
APP141 - Using the PSA Millennium Excalibur system for the speciation of arsenic and selenium metabolites in human urine
APP142 - Online determination of selenium in FGD wastewater
APP143 - Mercury fractination in spent sorbent (total and elemental mercury) using atomic fluorescence spectrometry
APP144 - Arsenic speciation in water samples using high performance liquid chromatography coupled with hydride generation atomic fluorescence spectrometry (HPLC-GC-AFS) with hydrogen addition to the flame
APP145 - Determination of total arsenic in nickel refinery smelting processing samples by hydride generation atomic fluorescence spectrometry (HG-AFS)
APP146 - Arsenic speciation in water samples using high performance liquid chromatography coupled with hydride generation atomic fluorescence spectrometry (HPLC-HG-AFS) using the 10.820-1000 binary gradient pump
APP147 - Selenium speciation in wastewater by HPLC-HG-AFS
APP148 - Determination of arsenic, mercury and selenium on sorbent traps suitable for gas phase measurements
APP149 - Determination of selenium in human fingernails
APP150 - Determination of arsenic in human fingernails using hydride generation atomic fluorescence spectrometry after open vessel digestion on a hot block


NU061 - Configuring the PSA 10.680 for bench scale mercury removal studies with a simulated stack gas matrix (two sample points)
NU062 - PSA 10.525 Sir Galahad software - version 3 (UPDATED)
NU063 - Automated calibration using PSA 10.525 Sir Galahad software - version 3
NU064 - PSA 50.104 race track dilution probe
NU065 - Configuring the PSA 10.680 for bench scale mercury removal studies with multiple sample point
NU066 - Series mode analysis using PSA Sir Galahad software version 3.0
NU067 - Extending the concentration range with PSA Online
NU068 - Configuring the PSA 10.680 for work room air


TIB069 - Satellite spur use after As-Sb
TIB070 - Reference cell assemblies
TIB071 - Automatic calibration blanks
TIB072 - Reporting liquid hydrocarbon results in w/w units
TIB073 - Measuring density for unstabilised liquid hydrocarbon samples
TIB074 - Wake frequency calculation
TIB075 - Demonstrating sampling system integrity for the PSA 10.540 using low level Hg calibration permeation source
TIB076 - How to fix crazy mouse syndrome with PSA instruments USB serial adapters
TIB077 - Mercury lamp connections
TIB078 - Gas Flow Correction Calculations for Rotameters


CS001 - Hg emission monitoring at waste incinerator plants using the PSA 10.680 Hg-CEM
CS002 - Design and fabrication of a bench-scale system for mercury removal for raw natural gas streams


TS001 - The coupling of liquid chromatography (LC) with atomic fluorescence spectrometry (AFS) for arsenic, selenium and antimony speciation



TITLE: 1502 - Arsenic species in atmospheric particulate matter as tracer of the air quality of Donana Natural Park (SW Spain)

Authors: D. Sanchez-Rodaz, Y Gonzalez-Castanedo, A.M Sanchez de la Campa, M. Pandlfi, A. Alastuey, V.E Cachorro, X Querol and J.D. de la Rosa

Elsevier Science

TITLE: 1501 - Methylmercury in water samples at the pg/L level by online preconcentration liquid chromatography cold vapour-atomic fluorescence spectrometry

Authors: Christoph-Cornelius Brombac, Dr Bin Chen, Dr Warren T Corns, Jorg Feldmann and Eva M Krupp

Anal BioAnal Chem

TITLE: 1500 - Direct online HPLC-CV-AFS method for traces of methylmercury without derivatisation: a matrix-independent method for urine, sediment and biological tissue samples

Authors: Christoph-Cornelius Brombach, Zuzana Gajdosechova, Dr Bin Chen, Andrew Brownlow, Dr Warren T Corns, Jorg Feldmann and Eva M Krupp

Analytical Method - Technical Note (C4AY00858H)

TITLE: 1499 - Accurate fast screening for total inorganic arsenic in rice grains using hydride generation atomic fluorescence spectrometry (AFS)

Authors: Dr Bin Chen, Dr Warren T Corns, Dr Peter B Stockwell and Jen-How Huang


Online Service Procedures

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LN030901 - PR - Successful installations in South China Sea

P S Analytical has successfully installed two fully working Natural Gas analysers at PPT Exploration and Production Public Co Ltd in onshore and offshore applications. (See more...)

LN060601 - PR - Leading the way in Environmental Analyses

With over two decades experience in the environmental analysis, P S Analytical provides instrumentation for the determination and speciation of mercury in Industrial, Chemical and Petrochemical applications.

Meeting (and indeed exceeding requirements for) worldwide legislation and methodologies including EPA methods 245.7, 1631 and 7474, ASTM 6350, ISO 6978 (pts 1, 2 & 3) and ISO/CEN 13506, PSA offers reliable and sensitive equipment with the back up of specialized applications group. Systems are either supplied in standard configuration or tailored to individual customer requirements. (See more...)

For further information, please contact us via the Information Request Form

LN061201 - PR - Mercury in the Petrochemical Industry - Applications for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

For many years P S Analytical has been at the forefront of developments relating to the measurement of mercury in the Petrochemical Industry.

P S Analytical's measurement systems are based on the PSA 10.525 Sir Galahad atomic fluorescence instrument. The Sir Galahad is a very flexible system, and using a combination of hardware and software, the PSA Research and Development team have been able to configure the Sir Galahad to accommodate a wide range of sample types. Natural Gas and Syn Gas (containing high levels of hydrogen sulphide) have been regularly measured in both online and offline applications. Recently we have worked with a commercial company to provide a unique measurement system for liquefied natural gas. A fully automated system for the application has been operational for a number of years providing vitl data to control the function of the plant. The Sir Galahad was developed with the Petrochemical industry in mind. Initially working with the Institute Français du Petrold (IFP) methods were developed to provide reliable measurements in natural gas streams. P S Analytical and the IFP have been providing analytical expertise in this area since that time. (See more...)

LN070201 - PR - P S Analytical Online Mercury in Natural Gas Analyser Achieves ATEX Certification


As part of its ongoing product development P S Analytical has recently received the ATEX EC-Type certification permitting our online mercury measurement system for natural gas to be installed in Category 2 IIC T4 designated areas. The procedure used for the measurement of mercury by atomic fluorescence basically follow the ASTM 6350-98 procedure and the PSA 10.670 is specifically configured for the petrochemical industry. (See more...)

LN070202 - PR - Validation of Method for Mercury in Potable Water

ALcontrol Laboratories is one of the UK's leading contract analysis companies, specialising in areas including the analysis of air, water, foodland and asbestos. The water group have been operational for more than 25 years and has developed and grown significantly in recent times. One areas that ALcontrol specialise in is the testing of environmental waters to meet very low detection limits for the water framework directive (WFD)

P S Analytical
P S Analytical is a UK manufacturing analytical instrument company, specialising in the analysis of mercury and the hydride elements in solid, liquid or gaseous matrices. P S Analytical provide both laboratory based and plant based equipment that offers ease of use along with high sensitivity plus ruggedness and reliability. (See more...)

LN070501 - PR - P S Analytical achieves ISO 9001:2000 and ATEX Certification

Following an assessment by an independent body, P S Analytical has been awarded ISO 9001 certification.  This certification has only been achieved by about 5% of UK businesses and this prestigious award is supported by the Government and recognised worldwide.

Said a delighted Prof Peter Stockwell “We have always been proud of the service we offer our clients and the way that we conduct our business.  Now with the award of ISO 9001:2000 certification, this has been confirmed by outside experts who are used to judging standards on a daily basis in a wide variety of trades and industries”. (See more...)

LN071101 - PR - Applications for Control and Certification, utilising the power of Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry

P S Analytical stands at the forefront of technological developments for industries relating to the measurement of mercury.  Recent inroads into instrumentation and applications have secured our position as the manufacturer of choice for the determination of mercury in petrochemical products for gaseous, liquid or solid matrices.  The award of the ISO 9001:2000 standard and ATEX certification gives our clients confidence in our instrumentation, technical and chemical abilities, quality procedures and our commitment to R&D.  Continuous R&D has led to the redesign of control electronics in much of our instrumentation to meet ROSH and WEEE directives and also the simplification of design and provision of additional operational features. (See more...)

LN080101 - PR - P S Analytical Celebrates 25 Years of Excellence


In 2008 P S Analytical celebrated its 25th anniversary as one of the leading suppliers of Instrumentation and Technology in the Environmental Market.  P S Analytical is proud to be ISO 9001:2000 certified and to provide online systems which meet international standards. 

P S Analytical specializes in the supply of instrumentation for ultra-low level determination and the speciation of environmentally important such as mercury, arsenic, selenium, antimony, tellurium and bismuth, matrices and applications include water, soils, sludges, effluents and gases.   PSA provides systems tailored for customer requirements with worldwide applications support, technical assistance and full-service back up. (See more...)

LN081101 - PR - Establishing traceability for measurements of mercury vapour in air wins NPL and P S Analytical Researcher award

The following research has recently been published in The Analyst (2008, 133,946-953), the Royal Society of Chemistry's high-impact analytical science journal.    This work has been recognized as one of the three most significant research papers in Environmental science by CITAC (the Cooperation on International Traceability in Analytical Chemistry) and is one of the recipients of the ‘2008 CITAC Award for the Most Important Paper on Metrology in Chemistry’. This award is made to “highlight remarkable papers in the field of Metrology in Chemistry because of their important scientific content.” (See more...)

LN090101 - PR - Measurement of Mercury in a Process Environment

Having recently celebrated 25 years of experience in analytical instrumentation, P S Analytical continues to focus its attention on providing analytical solutions for a wide customer base.  Effective sampling remains the Achilles heel of measurement in many areas, in particular stack emissions and petrochemical laboratories. P S Analytical has devised effective sampling systems to provide reliable analytical measurements utilising its considerable knowledge both in the sampling area and also to meet the legislative aspects of the intended site so that the latest safety regulations are covered by the product developed.   Standards often differ widely across the global economy and even multi-nationals do not seem to have a common standard for their worldwide operations. (See more...)

LN121001 - PR - P S Analytical - South East Asia Regional Office


P S Analytical opens its regional offices in SE Asia. P S Analytical Pty Ltd., is the market leader for Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry (AFS) instrumentation which is used for the determination of Hg and the Hydride Generating elements such as Arsenic and Selenium.

With the Head Office in the UK and a subsidiary in the US, the expansion into SE Asia recognises the increased growth and market activity for the P S Analytical product range.(See more...)

LN130401 - PR - 30 Years of Excellence in Environmental Monitoring

In 2013 P S Analytical celebrates its 30th anniversary as one of the leading suppliers of instrumentation and technology in the environmental market. 

P S Analytical specializes in the supply of instrumentation for ultra-low level determination and the speciation of environmentally important elements such as mercury, arsenic, selenium, antimony, tellurium and bismuth.  Our pioneering detector technology is based on atomic fluorescence spectrometry a technique which we developed commercially more than 25 years ago. PSA provides systems tailored for customer requirements with worldwide applications support, technical assistance and full-service back up. (See more...)


For a full list of any of the literature above, please either see the following pages Application Notes or News Updates, or contact PSA via our Information Request Page and we will be happy to send you any information you require.