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Online As in Liquid Streams

P S Analytical specialise in the manufacture and supply of instruments for the analysis of arsenic, selenium and other hydride forming elements in addition to mercury.

We supply dedicated laboratory and online analyser systems for the determination of total arsenic as well as systems for measuring arsenic speciation, in addition to providing contract analytical services to clients worldwide.


Arsenic occurs in large quantities in the earth's crust and in trace quantities in rocks, soil, water and air. Exposure to high levels of arsenic can cause cancers and other disorders.

Visit our all about arsenic page for general information on arsenic, its properties, and how it impacts on the environment.

Millennium Excalibur

Arsenic in Water and Soils and other media

The Millennium Excalibur is now used routinely by laboratories worldwide for the determination of total arsenic in a wide range of liquid, solid and gaseous samples.

As the instrument can measure arsenic down to ppt levels it is ideally suited to the determination of arsenic in water, drinking water and other waters such as wastewater, groundwater and sea water. This is important for the analyst as arsenic is shown to be contaminating many water supplies used for drinking and farming in Asia.

With the current concern over arsenic in foods, our chemists have produced application notes showing the suitability of the Millennium Excalibur for the measurement of total arsenic, inorganic arsenic and speciated arsenic in rice and other foodstuffs.

The measurement of arsenic is also of importance in environmental matrices like soil, sludge and leaves through to industrial samples, including crude oil, aluminium, dyes, electrolytes and naphtha.

When arsenic is suspected of causing poisoning of humans it is easily checked by using the Millennium Excalibur to measure arsenic in urine or in blood which shows if the arsenic has recently been ingested whereas finger nail and hair samples will show the longer term exposure.

For further information visit our application notes page for a list of published applications. If you require additional or information on a specific applications please complete our information request form.

For information on our Millennium Excalibur system for As in solids, liquids and gaseous samples please click here

Arsenic Speciation

As the toxicity of certain elements depends very heavily on their physico-chemical form it is important to be able to monitor levels of the individual species. Speciation of arsenic compounds is achieved by separating the compounds using HPLC and measuring the individual species with the PS Analytical Millennium Excalibur. The case of arsenic in rice referred to above is a good example.

P S Analytical's Millennium Excalibur has been used by researchers worldwide to carry out Arsenic (As) speciation studies as its excellent sensitivity, linearity and selectivity make it an ideal tool for this work.

Arsenic Speciation System







For information on As speciation please click here

Online Arsenic

Where arsenic is suspected of polluting waterways or where it needs to be monitored in any water courses or any chemical process streams PSA have developed the PSA 10.255 online arsenic analyser for this specific application.


For online determination of arsenic in liquid samples, please click here

Consultancy/Contract Analysis

P S Analytical are experts in the determination and speciation of mercury and the hydride forming elements. We will also undertake specialist contract analysis of samples containing Arsenic (As), Selenium (Se), Antimony (Sb), Tellurium (Te), Bismuth (Bi) and Mercury (Hg) measuring both totals and species. For more information visit our consultancy pages.

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