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P S Analytical are experts in the determination and speciation of mercury, arsenic selenium and the hydride forming elements.

We supply dedicated laboratory and online analysis systems for total mercury and mercury speciation, as well as providing contract analytical services to clients worldwide.


Mercury can be found throughout the environment at trace and ultra trace levels. Mercury is extremely toxic and damaging to human health.

Visit our all about mercury page for general information on mercury, its properties, and how it impacts on the environment.

For information on Mercury in Ambient Air please follow the link.

Mercury in Water and Soils and other media

The two corner stones of P S Analytical's product range for mercury determination are the Millennium Merlin and the Sir Galahad. The Sir Galahad is typically used for gaseous applications such as stack gas, natural gas and air, whilst the Millennium Merlin is used for liquid and soild samples.

There are 3 main versions of the Millennium Merlin. The Millennium Merlin is the most commonly sold system, it has a sub ppt detection limit and utilises atomic fluorescence as a detection technique. The Millennium Merlin is linear to 10ppm. Typical applications include environmental samples such as ground water, drinking water, food stuffs (e.g. milk, fish & tea), soils & sludges, biological samples (e.g. urine, blood and hair), industrial samples such as effluent, aluminium, zinc electrolytes, paper, incineration ash, sodium hypocholite, caustic soda, fly ash, sulfur, brine and petrochemical chemical samples including; naphthas, crude oil, condensates, formation waters and other petrochemcial products.

Millennium Merlin

For customers who need to detect even lower levels of Hg then the Millennium Merlin 1631 is commonly utilised. This system is also based on vapour generation and atomic fluorescence techniques An additional amalgamation step reduces the detection levels still further. The Millennium Merlin 1631 can run the same applications as the Millennium Merlin but is typically used for water samples where a detection limit below 0.05ppt is required.

The Millennium Merlin AAS is used where customers are required to run older, AAS based methods for mercury. Because the system uses atomic absorption as a detector and the sensitivity and linearity not as good as obtained with the AFS based systems.

For information on our Millennium Merlin system for laboratory determination of mercury in solids, liquids and gaseous samples please click here.


There are many international methods available for the determination of mercury and PSA has equipment to comply to many of them.

The Millennium Merlin models available based on AFS are compliant with the following methods: EPA 245.7, EPA 1631, EPA 7474,and ISO 17852

The Millennium Merlin models based on AAS are compliant with
EPA 245.1, EPA 245.2, EPA 7470 and EPA 7471

The Sir Galahad is compliant with
ISO 6978-2:2003 and ASTM 6350

Visit our methods page for more details of these requirements.

For further information visit our application notes page for a list of published applications. If you require additional or information on a specific applications please complete our information request form.

Mercury in Gas

Sir Galahad

The PSA 10.525 Sir Galahad is routinely used for the determination in gaseous samples such as air, natural gas, LNG. LPG, Stack Gas, Syn Gas and many other gas mixtures. The system is extremely sensitive and easy to use.

For information on our Sir Galahad systems for Hg in gases please click here.

Mercury Speciation

GC AFS Mercury Speciation system





LC Mercury Speciation System

Speciation is important to monitor levels of individual species as the toxicity of certain elements depends very heavilyon their physico-chemical form. For mercury PSA have developed by LC and GC based systems to perform these measurements.

For information on mercury speciation please click here

Online Mercury

PSA have used the AFS technology in the PSA 10.025 Millennium Merlin and PSA 10.525 Sir Galahad to create online systems for the determination of Hg in a range of liquid and gaseous samples, typical sample types include water, effluent, caustic soda, sulfuric acid, natural gas, LNG, LPG, Stack Gas, Syngas and process gas.

For online determination of mercury in liquid samples, please click here.

For online determination of mercury in gaseous samples, please click here.

For more information on our Online Mercury Analysers, please click here.

Consultancy/Contract Analysis

P S Analytical are experts in the determination and speciation of mercury and the hydride forming elements. We undertake specialist contract analysis of samples containing As, Se, Sb, Te, Bi and Hg measuring totals and species. For more information visit our consultancy pages.

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