As well as the supply of instrumentation for elemental analysis, PSA also offers consultancy assistance with matrices and applications. Our experience in analytical measurements over the past 20 years enables us to provide fast, reliable data even with the most complex matrices.


Contract Analysis


One of PSA's many strengths is its commitment to Research & Development. Over the history of PSA we have worked closely with numerous academic and industrial research groups sponsoring BSc, MSc and PhD research programs.  This commitment is not only to instrumental design but also centres on our inherent requirement to provide representative samples and good analytical procedures. Our laboratory offers a consultancy measurement service for routine and specialist applications for mercury and hydride forming elements.

PSA are also equipped and experienced in field measurements. Our R&D team are able to bring sampling and measurement equipment to the customer site to conduct sampling and analytical testing in the field. We are able to offer mercury mass balance studies for oil, gas and petrochemical plants.  Independent measurement services across mercury removal units to establish the performance efficiency of mercury abatement equipment. Side stream testing of new adsorbents can also be undertaken.

PSA are experienced in Hg emissions testing on power stations, cement kilns, crematoria and waste incineration plants.

Consequently we often find ourselves at the forefront of measurement techniques, particularly in the field of mercury analysis and speciation.

Some typical consultancy projects already undertaken by PSA include:

Mercury mass balance studies on oil, gas and petrochemical plants. Offline and online Hg testing at well heads, across test separators, desulphurization units, dehydration units, mercury removal units, catalytic processes, wastewater, fractionation and distillation systems, cryogenic heat exchangers, atmospheric vents and export product streams. Modelling of mercury to predict condensation and accumulation rates can be provided.

Mercury mass balance studies on stationary combustion sources, cement kilns and waste incineration plants using online HgCEM and offline measurements.  We are able to test mercury species at various points across the plant including dust abatement systems, carbon injection systems, selective catalytic reduction systems, wet and dry desulphurization and stack gas emission testing.

Occupation health and exposure rates to industrial workers working with Mercury. Clinical studies can be undertaken for various exposure pathways.
Onsite measurements both onshore and offshore.

Speciation of Arsenic, Selenium and Antimony in various sample types by Ion Chromatography HG/AFS.

Speciation of Mercury using GC/AFS and LC-AFS.

For further information please contact Dr Warren Corns, our Research and Technical Support Manager.

Contract Analysis

Contract Analysis and Special Projects

In house analysis of client’s samples is undertaken on a regular basis.

The laboratory at PSA is equipped to carry out elemental determination and speciation utilizing the following techniques:

Hydride Generation – AFS

Arsenic, Selenium, Antimony, Bismuth and Tellurium in a wide range of sample types.

Cold Vapour – AFS

Mercury in a wide range of samples. It can be used with amalgamation to provide lower detection limits. Selective extractions can be used to provide Hg fractionation measurements in hydrocarbon or soil samples.

Amalgamation – AFS

Mercury in gas samples such as ambient and workroom air, stack gas and hydrocarbon gases.

Volatilization – AFS

Mercury in Petrochemical Samples and also to validate the efficiency of the mercury removal devices.

Thermo-gram/pyrolysis - AFS

Direct mercury speciation/fractionation of solid samples

HPLC – Cold Vapour – AFS

Organic and inorganic forms mercury in a wide range of samples

HPLC – Hydride Generation – AFS

Organic and Inorganic forms of Arsenic, Selenium, Antimony, Bismuth and Tellurium in a wide range of sample types


Organic mercury determination in a wide range of sample types

Hg Fractionation

Determination of elemental, ionic, particulate and organic mercury in liquid hydrocarbons


Please contact Dr Warren Corns for further details of this service or to discuss your particular requirements.