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Te in Liquid, Solid and Gaseous Media

Tellurium applications

P S Analytical are experts in the determination and speciation of selenium, arsenic, mercury, antimony, tellurium and bismuth.

We supply dedicated analysis systems for total tellurium measurements, as well as providing contract analytical services to clients worldwide.


Apart from the precious metals Tellurium is the rarest stable solid element in the Earth's crust.

Tellurium is sometimes found in its native (elemental) form, but is more often found as the tellurides of gold.

Visit our all about tellurium page for general information on tellurium, its properties, and how it impacts on the environment.

Tellurium in Water and Soils and other media

The Millennium Excalibur is used routinely by laboratories worldwide for the determination of total tellurium in various solid, liquid and gaseous sample types.

Applications range from environmental samples such as fresh water, soil, sea water, estuarine water, sludge, coal and grass to clinical samples such as blood and hair, to foods e.g. wheat, milk and baby food to industrial applications such as mine tailings, aluminium and zinc electrolytes.


For further information visit our application notes page for a list of published applications. If you require additional or information on a specific application, please conplete our information request form.

For information on our Millennium Excalibur system for Te in solids, liquids and gaseous samples please click here.


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