P S Analytical analysers generally utilise Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy (AFS) which offers many advantages over techniques for the determination of mercury and the hydride forming elements including better sensitivity, selectivity and linearity.

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Where regulations demand however systems for Mercury analysis based on Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy are available.

Some common standard methods employing CV-AAS are described in the table below;

US-EPA Method 245.1

Determination of Mercury in Water by CV-AAS

US-EPA Method 245.2

Mercury (Automated CV-AAS)

US-EPA Method 245.5

Mercury in Sediments by Manual CV-AAS

US-EPA Method 245.6

Mercury in Tissues by CV-AAS

US-EPA Method 7470A

Mercury in Liquid Waste (Manual CV-AAS)

US-EPA Method 7471A/B

Mercury in Solid or Semi-solid Wastes (Manual CV-AAS)

APHA Method 3112B

Cold-Vapour Atomic Absorption Spectrometry Method

PSA 10.045 Millennium Merlin AAS Cold Vapour Method

P S Analytical offer the Millennium Merlin 10.045 Analyser with the following product specifications;

  • Limit of Detection 20 ppt (without pre-concentration)

  • Linear Dynamic Range 20 ppt to 100 ppb in continuous mode

  • Sample Throughput up to 60 Samples per hour

  • Autosampler up to 200 samples, random access (4 versions available)

  • The system is controlled by the PSA Millennium Software and forms part of a fully automated system with the addition of one of the PSA Autosamplers


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The best of both worlds CV-AFS/AAS Millennium Merlin 10.036

The Millennium Merlin 10.036 includes both AAS+ AFS+ 1631 system for low level mercury determination, supplied ready to run and includes atomic fluorescence detector, atomic absorption detector, vapour generator, gold amalgamation pre-concentrator integrated perma-pure dryer system, millennium windows software, interface cables, installation kit, consumables kit and user manuals.