P S Analytical has successfully installed two fully working Natural Gas analysers at PPT Exploration and Production Public Co Ltd in onshore and offshore applications.


The PSA 10.525 suitable for remote and on-line sampling

Working with the client P S Analytical has specifically configures speed loop sampling system to sample the Natural gas streams at appropriate parts so that the levels of measuring can be reliably measured.

Systems have been installed to meet the safety requirements by P S Analytical working with our Thai distributor company Bang Trading.

The speed loops are coupled to the P S Analytical Sir Galahad Natural Gas measurement systems. The technology follows the ISO6978 procedures and is able to provide unique measurement of mercury on a 5 minute cycle time. P S Analytical Cavkit calibration device allows the instruments performance to be checked on a continuous basis and also to validate the integrity of the measurement by introducing calibration gas at the entrance to the speed loop configuration. This valuable tool enables the customer to quickly gain confidence in the measurements. P S Analytical skilled operators were able to install the system to cater for specific site conditions, i.e. particularly wet gas and set instrument running on a 24 hr basis.

The technology developed for this process has been developed by P S Analytical for BP Amoco Anschutz and Painter plants in Wyoming where systems have been operating reliable 24 hrs per day since installation in 2000. Visit our Customer Stories page for more details...

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