With over two decades experience in the environmental analysis, P S Analytical provides instrumentation for the determination and speciation of mercury in Industrial, Chemical and Petrochemical applications.

Meeting (and indeed exceeding requirements for) worldwide legislation and methodologies including EPA methods 245.7, 1631 and 7474, ASTM 6350, ISO 6978 (pts 1, 2 & 3) and ISO/CEN 13506, PSA offers reliable and sensitive equipment with the back up of specialized applications group. Systems are either supplied in standard configuration or tailored to individual customer requirements.

Our on-going R&D programme is constantly developing instrumentation to meet new challenges. With a team of experts available to discuss particular applications, matrices and requirements, we pride ourselves on our ability to solve complex and challenging analytical applications, tailoring methodology and systems directly for our customers.

Recent applications have included design projects for international Petrochemical companies to enable them to successfully monitor and control the mercury levels in Natural Gas and liquefied Natural Gas applications.

Whilst mercury measurements form the core of PSA's business we also have considerable expertise in the measurement and speciation of arsenic, selenium and antimony.

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