Having recently celebrated 25 years of experience in analytical instrumentation, P S Analytical continues to focus its attention on providing analytical solutions for a wide customer base.  Effective sampling remains the Achilles heel of measurement in many areas, in particular stack emissions and petrochemical laboratories. P S Analytical has devised effective sampling systems to provide reliable analytical measurements utilising its considerable knowledge both in the sampling area and also to meet the legislative aspects of the intended site so that the latest safety regulations are covered by the product developed.   Standards often differ widely across the global economy and even multi-nationals do not seem to have a common standard for their worldwide operations.

P S Analytical’s online measurement systems have been recently extended to cover liquid hydrocarbons and crematoria exhausts.  The reliability of these measurements can be validated continuously using the P S Analytical calibration device PSA Cavkit 10.536(1).  The measurements from this device can be used both to calibrate the instrumentation and to check for interferences when difficult matrices are involved in the sampling profiles.

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(1) Andrew S Brown, Richard J C Brown, Warren T Corns and Peter B Stockwell, Analyst, 2008, 133, 946–953