P S Analytical opens its regional offices in SE Asia. P S Analytical Pty Ltd., is the market leader for Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry (AFS) instrumentation which is used for the determination of Hg and the Hydride Generating elements such as Arsenic and Selenium.

With the Head Office in the UK and a subsidiary in the US, the expansion into SE Asia recognises the increased growth and market activity for the P S Analytical product range.

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Dr. Tim Williams, Regional Manager recently reported:

"AFS offers some real analytical advantages over other spectroscopic techniques such as ICP-MS or CV-AAS in the traditional areas of environmental analysis. With the best detection parameters available and the ability to speciate analytes of differing toxicities, P S Analytical provides the tools for routine testing as well as research capability.

Additionally the role and concerns of mercury in petrochemical regining and associated processes is an important area for PSA leading to the development of our online systems for both liquids and gases. The local office will provide support for the team of current distributors and bolster our ability to respond quickly and effectively to our customers."

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