PSA’s range of autosamplers has been designed with flexibility in mind.

20.410 Autosampler

Our latest design 4th generation Autosampler, the PSA 20.410, has some significant benefits from previous versions and includes a larger capacity sample tray. An optional two channel wash pump and sampler cover are offered, without increasing the bench footprint. The inert carbon fibre sample probe is PFA sleeved and lined and the optional sampler cover provides an enclosed environment with exhaust connection for extraction of acidic fumes.

Please click here to receive a copy of our Product Specification for 20.410.

20.420 Autosampler

Built on the sample platform as the 20.410, the 20.420 offers the highest capacity yet to a maximum of 642 sample positions.

Please click here to receive a copy of our Product Specification for 20.420.

PSA 20.400 Autosampler

20.400 Autosampler

The PSA 20.400 Autosampler complements the Millennium range of products and is supported by the Millennium software (version 1.08 and above). It has a random access design which allows any pattern of vial access with priority vial interrupt. Standards and samples are held on a stationary table. The design includes an integral wash pot for minimal sample contamination and carryover.

Automation: The PSA 10.820 Modular Interface seamlessly integrates with the PSA 10.025 Millennium Merlin or the PSA 10.055 Millennium Excalibur with the PSA 20.400 Autosampler and the entire system is controlled using the PSA SAMS+ Software.

The PSA 20.400 Autosampler offers up to12 standards positions and sample trays for up to total of 75 positions.

Optional sample trays for 72 to 180 samples are available.

We are aware that many people like the operation of the ASX 510/520 series autosamplers with 10 standards positions and trays for 84 to over 200 samples so we offer this as an alternative.

PSA A400D170 Auto Dilutor

Atomic fluorescence detection with its wide linear range of operation rarely needs the services of an auto dilutor but if analytical condition require or the user prefers to use an auto dilutor to make up standard solutions then the A400 D170 Autodilutor is available.

The A400D170 auto dilutor is used to carry out (pre)dilution of samples automatically or used to prepare standards.

It has the following features to ensure accurate dilution of samples or standards with minimal contamination.

  • Automated (pre)dilution of series of samples or single samples

  • Production of standard working solutions or mixtures from a stock solution

  • Single or multiple dilution steps

  • Stepper- motor driven screw driving syringe piston with optical feedback for controlling liquid flow

  • Automatic rinse function

In addition all parts in contact with contacting sample solutions are chemically inert.

            20.500 Autosampler

Legacy Support

The PSA 20.500 Autosampler (Cetac ASX.510) is a Random Access Intelligent Autosampler which incorporates a specific software driver to enable it to be controlled with the PSA Millennium Software.

NOTE: If you already have an existing CETAC ASX-510 or ASX-520 Sampler you MUST order the M025S025 CETAC Autosampler driver in order for the system to operate with the Millennium Software.

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