SAMS Software

SAMS Software is available to Millennium users as a free software downloaded for any application where continuous measurement of the Millennium response for the analyte against time is required. SAMS Software consists of a series of interlinked software packages which can be used together or individually to automate a variety of tasks.

It is particularly useful when used with the PSA Millennium Systems for speciation studies.

The SAMS Software consists of the following applications:

SAMS (Speciation Application for Millennium Systems) - provides the user with the ability to control the various pumps and valves on a PSA 10.025 Millennium Merlin or PSA 10.055 Millennium Excalibur system and to record a chromatogram via the USB/RS232 link on these analysers. The software then allows you to manually measure the peak size or export the chromatogram to Excel. Peak integration can also be accomplished in the SAMSCalc application.


SAMSCalc - allows the users to integrate the peak areas of the chromatograms created with the SAMS Software. The application allows you to generate calibration curves, calculate unknowns, overlay peaks etc.

AutoSAMS - allows the user to automate the operation of the PSA 20.400 Autosampler plus the N118A200 injection valve together with the SAMS software. The samples are loaded onto the autosampler which is controlled by the AutoSAMS software and initiates the injection valve. This also triggers the SAMS Software to capture the chromatogram. The data can then be processed by the SAMSCalc.

It is recommended to use the N118A200 injection valve triggered by the AutoSAMS and SAMSCalc with the autosampler as this ensures that retention times are standardised.

ThermoSAMS is a specific SAMS application which in addition to controlling the Millennium range of instruments also links to the PSA 50.042 Thermogram to record the temperature as well as time and signal intensity.

SAMS Controls - A simple menu application that allows you to conveniently start the SAMS applications.

SAMS Software is also used to control and record the output of the PSA 10.026 Millennium Merlin Detector unit.

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