Millennium Merlin

The PSA 10.035 Millennium Merlin 1631 was developed for the determination of mercury at low levels and specifically to be compliant with EPA Method 1631 for mercury in drinking water. The instrument is essentially the same as the PSA 10.025 Millennium Merlin but with the inclusion of a gold trap prior to the detection step. The system uses continuous flow vapour generation (as does the 10.025 Millennium Merlin), but the generated mercury vapour is passed over a gold trap where the mercury is preconcentrated. After collection for a pre-set time the mercury is then thermally desorbed into the atomic fluorescence detector.

The PSA 10.035 Millennium Merlin 1631 can operate in both standard 10.025 Millennium Merlin mode or in the 10.035 Millennium Merlin 1631 mode. The changeover is achieved rapidly by switching one valve and changing the output line from the permapure dryer to the 1631 position.

The PSA 10.035 Milllennium Merlin 1631 (shown here with raised lid, revealing its innovative gold trap assembly).

Millennium Merlin 1631 (internal view)

The PSA Millennium Software not only controls the instrument but allows discrete data capture with full integration into user networks and formats. With each analysis it shows individual and mean calibration factors, precision of factors and accuracy of lowest standards which allow complete compliance with both EPA Method 1631 and GLP requirements.


A range of Autosamplers and Accessories are available with the PSA 10.035 Millennium Merlin 1631.

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